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Michael A. Sutton 
Michael is a principle and cofounder of ColabDM Productions a  partnership dedicated to mixed media integration of video and music. Michael’s primary role is the director of audio development and production to support project deliverables and performances. Michael grew up and formulated many of his interests including music in the grand experiment of experiences known as the 1960s. He grew up in the university town of Lawrence Kansas and was influenced by the stardust ideas, time of man intellect, and golden generation of boundary exploring artists. Michael obtained his Architectural Engineering degree at the University of Kansas and served as a Licensed Engineer, Program Manager and Project Manager for Black & Veatch on Industrial projects around the world. 

Michael has played keyboards in rock, blues and funk/soul genres. Michael also became fascinated with those artists involved in the visual/musical exploration of ambient space music and the edgy intersections between nature, alternative dimensions and deep space.  Michael credits his openness and inspiration to embrace the ColabDM project to the encouragement and faith always provided by his family, patience of his wife Melissa  and his guardian angels.

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Garold W. Sneegas
Garold is a principal and cofounder of ColabDM Productions. Garold’s primary role is the director of video and video production. Garold early photographic work was done with film. With the advent of digital photography his artistic interests began exploring how far you can manipulate a digital image. This soon turned into how artistic can you get and can you turn it into another dimension.

Garolds fascination with nature has been with him for as long as he can remember. He spent his childhood in the 1950’s and 60’s exploring the natural world surrounding Lawrence KS.  His interest in nature led him to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Pittsburg State University in 1974. His interest in photography began in his high school and college years out of frustration of trying to express what he was seeing in nature verbally. This was especially true in regards to his greatest interest at that time freshwater aquatic flora and fauna.
Garold’s interest and photographic work in freshwater environments eventually led to photo assignments in several states in the United States and in Brazil. He has had hundreds of images published nationally and internationally in books, magazines, journals, field guides and museum displays.
Garold’s other interests include wood construction, woodworking, woodcarving and painting. His skills in wood construction led him into a carrier in construction with a focus on interior trim work.  


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